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Thais Martiniano
Have you ever thought about being able to watch your Youtube videos without internet? So get to know Youtube Go in this article, and have your favorite videos on hand!

Youtube Go: See all about the low-cost version of the video app

Youtube is the largest video platform in the world, with millions of users consuming all types of content. But have you ever wondered if there was a possibility that you could also watch offline? So, this is basically the proposal of Youtube Go. So, if you're curious to know more about the platform, follow this article and here you'll find what you're looking for!

But how does Youtube Go work?

Youtube Go is an application linked to Youtube, with other features that generate greater accessibility. This way, you can watch the videos you like the most without having to be connected to the internet. Then these videos are stored on your device, to watch whenever and however you want in offline mode. Besides, it has several other tools that help in optimizing the videos before downloading.

What benefits of having the app?

With Youtube Go you can watch your favorite videos offline. For those who like to watch videos away from home and don't want to spend 4G, it's a great advantage. You can watch as many times as you like and even share with friends via Bluetooth, also to avoid data consumption.

Besides, it also has some really cool optimizations if you want to use mobile data to download your favorite videos. For example, the application itself adapts the video resolution for a lower consumption, in addition to decreasing the size according to the storage available on your device.

Are there any limitations on the Youtube Go service?

One of the limitations related to using Youtube Go is availability. Thus, the download is only available for devices with the Android operating system. So if you have an iPhone, or another iOS device, you'll need to wait a little longer. However, there is no specific release date on other systems.

Another downside to the service is that you can't download clips and music videos. This happens because of the copyright of each artist on their works. However, Youtube has a partnership with the biggest labels for you to subscribe and get the videos in another way, a little limited for the user.

How can I start using the app?

Getting started with Youtube Go is not difficult at all. The app has a well-developed and intuitive interface. This way, you can learn the functions very quickly, without major development difficulties. Just download it and start finding your favorite media.

So, as soon as you download it, you can use your account linked to Youtube to have your preferences registered. To be able to download a video, just tap on it. Before you can download, the app will inform you how much memory is freed, and make optimizations to adapt it to your device's situation.

And the functioning? Worth it?

Here we have an impasse regarding performance and functionality. While the overall idea of ​​the app is excellent, and it works very well, the limitations make it a little uninteresting. If not for that, it would be one of the most popular apps among downloads.

That's because most people like to use Youtube to listen to music and watch video clips. So, this is one of the biggest features of the app. When you take that away and enter a value to track that content, it can lead to a consumer cap.

However, if you like to consume other types of content most of the time, it's well worth it. You know that super funny video that you can't get tired of watching? Or a new documentary you want to watch slowly? It's for these videos that it's worth having Youtube Go and taking advantage of the excellent experience, design and operation it has.

And if you would like to see other app options for watching videos or other media, continue here. On the blog we have other articles about media apps (insert link) for you to check out. Don't miss the opportunity to catch up on the latest news from the world of technology and applications.