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ES File Explorer
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Thais Martiniano
Need to organize folders and downloads? get to know Es File Explorer, one of the best apps available for this function!

Do you know how to use Es File Explorer?

Application managers are very useful tools for organizing your files on mobile. Es File Explorer is one of the best known, but how does it work? To help you understand how to use Es File Explorer, we created this article. So, if you're interested in keeping your files' organization more optimized, stay with us in this post.

What is Es File Explorer?

Some devices may come from the factory without file managers, or you may even accidentally delete it while in use. So how do you get your files in order efficiently? It's simple, downloading an app from an external source to perform this function.

So, Es File explorer is a file and download manager, where you can view everything you download and store on your device. Therefore, it is super practical for those who want to optimize the organization of folders and files inside the cell phone. It's worth taking a test and seeing how it can help you improve your mobile experience.

How to use the functions it offers?

Within the app, you can use the basic functions: store files in folders according to your preference. Besides, you can still create new folders, move, copy, duplicate. All this with just a few taps on your device's screen, very easily.

It also features a quick access menu to make it easier to find specific files. In the Interface, you can open folders of photos, documents and downloads faster, to avoid searching in several directories. It also features storage data and free space, so you know how many files you can still keep.

Other interesting functions are hiding files you want to hide and managing them in the cloud. That's right, it also helps to organize files via remote as well. And you can also create your own server, which it also extends its tools for this purpose.

What are the good points about Es File Explorer?

One of the great advantages of the app is the amount of functions available, being very complete. So you can do just about everything related to file management using just Es File Explorer. It's pretty complete, and no other apps are needed to cover features it doesn't have.

Another important advantage is the functioning, which has no faults or execution problems. It's lightweight and doesn't crash during use, pretty much everything a good manager needs to be. So, you don't have to wait a long time to get access to what you need in the folders.

And where can the app not be so good?

A negative point is the disposition of functions within the app, which are so many that you can get lost when using. The buttons end up being a problem, since in the layout they end up practically blending together. This can create a bit of confusion when learning to use the app.

Also, the design can get in the way a bit when using it. The app can get a bit cluttered, and you may have some difficulty finding functions at first. It's an important point to consider as an improvement for developers. However, there is still an option to customize the screen to make it easier to use.

If I download Es File Explorer, will I regret it?

No you will not regret downloading. The application's functions, lightness and optimization make up for design flaws. Overall, it's one of the most complete apps for this purpose, and the downsides it has are minimal compared to the benefits.

Therefore, you can download without fear of being happy. This app will really help you keep your organization optimized. In addition, the tools it can offer you will make your cell phone use much more optimized. Without a doubt, it lives up to its reputation as one of the best apps in the industry.

However, we understand that you can be a little hesitant when downloading your file management apps. Therefore, here on the blog we have other options for articles with similar apps (insert link) for you to learn a little more and choose the one that best suits your needs.