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Thais Martiniano
An entire app your way: check out the advantages of downloading WhatsApp Plus on Android and see how it can improve your conversations even more

Extend the functions of your chat app

Communication apps are a quick and dynamic way to chat with your contacts. However, they have some operating limitations and preferences, so downloading WhatsApp Plus on Android can help eliminate these limits.

After all, it is one of the versions of modifiers that use the original WhatsApp code, so it allows you to configure practically everything in the application, leaving it with your face. To understand how it works, keep following this post in full.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

Updated WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the original chat app. Basically, the developers took the main code of the app and released several other functions to the users.

With this, it is possible to customize practically everything in the modifier, from the font to the default colors of WhatsApp. But the coolest thing is the privacy options, like hiding the read receipts and even the online status of your contacts.

How to download the new updated WhatsApp Plus?

To download updated WhatsApp Plus you can download it right here, on the Uoldown website. Just select the button and in a few moments you will have the installer on your device. But don't forget to release installation from unknown sources on Android.

How does WhatsApp Plus work?

WhatsApp Plus works with the same dynamics as the original application, but with a few more functions. For example, you can send files with a larger size than in the traditional app, with up to 100 MB of content for documents, photos and videos.

In addition, it also has the same link of contacts saved in the phonebook, group and private conversations, emojis and stickers. You can enjoy all the best features of WhatsApp, but leaving the application optimized for your conversation style and usage routine.

So, check out some functions that you can take advantage of when you download WhatsApp Plus updated on Android and how they can improve your communications:

  • Offers anti-ban function;
  • Application customization (colors, fonts and other characteristics);
  • Hide preview notification (blue marks);
  • Possibility to hide the status of the contacts view
  • After recording voice, hide recording status from group and contacts
  • It has an HD video and audio call
  • Can install different themes
  • Send large files such as audios or videos up to 100 MB;
  • Limit larger videos in status;
  • Home icon customization (you choose how you want to leave it);
  • Has quick share function
  • Notifications of new app updates.

Is there a risk in downloading WhatsApp Plus?

Just like all apks, there is also a risk in downloading updated WhatsApp Plus on Android. However, this issue happens when you download from untrustworthy sources which may insert malicious files along with executable.

Here at Uoldown, we care a lot about your security and privacy, always keeping files that don't put your system at risk. However, there is still the issue of banning the platform.

After all, the Plus version is a modifier of the original code, without being authorized to do so. Therefore, it violates the original WhatsApp terms of use, being subject to suspension or banishment from the platform if you are discovered.


See also the advantages of downloading updated WhatsApp Plus on your Android device. Check out how it can help to further improve your communication and conversations with your contacts:

  • Great possibility to customize the application;
  • Simpler and more functions;
  • Ease of use;
  • Similarity with the original interface;
  • More configuration options for privacy.


So, also see the disadvantages of downloading WhatsApp Plus on Android, the risks it offers. Also find out the main limitations that the app presented during the functioning tests:

  • Risk of account banning on the platform;
  • Less security, no encryption in conversations;
  • Minor support for help and troubleshooting.

我們的觀點 WhatsApp PLUS

The app is a versatile and functional alternative for users who are tired of the limitations of the original service. There are several interesting options for customizing settings, privacy and even the visual aspect of the app.

Therefore, it is worth downloading WhatsApp Plus on Android, as it is very dynamic and offers the same communication mechanics as the traditional one. However, it is always important to pay attention when using, to avoid punishment on the original platform and loss of account.

Also, if you want to know more options of communication apps for Android, stay with us here. Check out the suggestions we have to be able to chat with your contacts in a simple and practical way.