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Save The Planet 3D

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Thais Martiniano

Make the planet greener with the game Save the Planet 3D!

A game full of stages, where you need to eliminate enemies to advance. This is the game save the Planet 3D. Want to know if it's worth downloading on Android? Then check out our review, following this reading to the end. Here we will show you the advantages and disadvantages that this app offers!

How to play Save the Planet 3D?

So, this game is basically a first-person point and click shooter, in which you'll need to eliminate enemies. For this, use a weapon that drops plants, and can take advantage of some elements of the scenario. Then the enemies try to attack you, and you eliminate them with a few well-placed shots.

In addition, it is possible to take advantage of some boosters that the scenario offers, such as summoning a carnivorous plant, or a vine to remove enemies. Also, there are some bonuses in the scenario, like coins to collect. Thus, with each new stage the difficulty and the number of opponents increases.

What are the benefits of downloading this app?

The game Save the planet 3D has some advantages in its development that are very interesting. In this way, we have separated the main ones for you to know, and find out what to expect from this game. So, check out our list of the positive points of downloading this app:

  • Good dynamics and interesting theme;
  • Free boosters in the scenario and when passing the levels;
  • Challenges difficulty good;
  • Does not weigh on the device;
  • Low cell phone battery consumption;
  • Runs well on different types of devices;
  • It doesn't need internet to work.

However, when it comes to knowing if it's worth downloading the Save The Planet 3D game, it's important to know not only the positives. Therefore, also follow the disadvantages of having this application on your Android in the next topics.

Also discover the negative points of the game

The first not-so-cool point that the game presents is the ads between the stages. It's not that it's a huge amount, but it can become uncomfortable over time. However, nothing that playing Save The Planet 3D with the data network turned off doesn't solve effectively.

Also, it does not present the possibility to configure or customize game options. Therefore, you cannot remove the music or effects sounds from the game, only by lowering the phone's volume. And finally, the graphics are poorly optimized, and with little elaboration, harming the immersion in the Save The Planet 3D game a little.

After all, what is our opinion about the game Save the Planet 3D?

For those who enjoy shooting games, this can be a good option, but improvements are still needed in the game. Thus, it has poorly optimized graphics, and the pace of gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. The game is very slow, and there is no increase in dynamics, only in the number of opponents.

In addition, it has some occasional bugs, and the aim is quite uncalibrated. Therefore, you may have some problems until you get the rhythm of the game. So, it may be that there are other similar games that have a more optimized performance and provide greater patch support for players.

However, if you want more alternatives to similar games, we have some good suggestions for you. So you can see other first person shooter games here in our contents. So feel free to explore further and discover other apps perfect for your gameplay.

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