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Pole Star

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Thais Martiniano

Pole Star is game, dance, sport and lots of fun

Pole Star is not just a game app based on the beautiful art of pole dancing, it's a very fun guide that encourages you to practice. Know movements, positions, create choreographies for your character and why not perform the movements in real sport? Stay on top of all the game's news and learn how to play Pole Star.

Discover the Pole Star game and fall in love with the sport

Pole Star is a realistic pole dancing simulator that perfectly and beautifully reproduces the movements of art. The application is an excellent guide for those who already practice the sport or for those who want to start in the art. In addition to having a lot of fun with the game, you will meet new stunts and beautiful positions.

You are curious? Want to know more about this very top game app? Then continue reading the article. Stay on top of all the key information to download Pole Star game on your Android device.

Catch up on all the fun of the Pole Star game

The gameplay involved in the game is very easy, it has a very clear platform, simple action buttons and an excellent basic tutorial. In this way, Pole Star delivers a lot of fun for all players and a lot of inspiration to practice the art.

To play Pole Star, select which sequence of movements will be performed in the choreography and perform an impeccable presentation. Then, choose a super stylish look, a killer high heels, then just do super well at the show. Your reward will be based on the grades you receive in your presentations.

Get ready to make the presentations. Do training and correct the positions so that the movements come out perfectly in the shows. Earn lots of rewards and continue to style your character a lot. Enjoy and unlock more positions to compose your new choreography.

Recommendations for downloading Pole Star on your Android

Pole Star is a very popular game on most mobile devices. The app is considered moderate, it doesn't consume a lot of storage space. Pole Star needs 113 MB of smartphone memory, so check your device's capacity.

In addition, devices that operate with the Android system must strictly rely on version 6.0 or higher. This information is super important so that players can enjoy the application with full quality. Following these two tips, you will be enjoying all the experience and fun of the Pole Star game without lags and game bugs.

Is it worth downloading Pole Star? check out

Pole Star is a super gamer application that not only delivers a lot of fun, but also presents and encourages a super healthy lifestyle. We have listed some advantages and disadvantages regarding using the application. Check out!


  • Good graphics;
  • Interactive tutorial;
  • Relatively lightweight app.


  • Foreign language;
  • Too many ads.

我們的觀點 Pole Star

The negative points can hinder the experience with the game a little. However, it is always good to remember that the game has many cool things to enjoy. Still, the app has just come out of the oven, many optimizations are certainly already being prepared for future updates.

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