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Hodler Defense

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Thais Martiniano

Games to make money? Meet Hodler Defense!

The Hodler Defense game is an app option that promises to distribute cryptocurrencies through gameplay. But can you really make money with this game? If you're really curious about how it works, here's the perfect place to find out. So, stay with us by following this reading to find out more!

How to play Hodler Defense?

The game is a mix of strategy and calculating arrow distances. Therefore, you will need to use the buttons to aim and shoot from a distance, killing enemies. In this way, preventing them from reaching the castle and destroying the building. It's more or less like the dynamics of Angry Birds, but with a different theme.

In addition, you face different types of enemies, with greater or lesser resistance. Thus, you will need to calculate well to be able to prevent the strongest from getting too close. Also, it's important to keep an eye on the stamina bar, which indicates how much damage you can still take.

But can you make real money?

The game makes a cryptocurrency available every month, and the speed at which you earn within the game is very slow. So you can't make much money playing Hodler Defense. So, the app really becomes a hobby, and not a way to earn extra money.

What are the advantages of downloading Hodler Defense to play?

The Hodler Defense game is very dynamic, with a mechanic that is very easy to learn. So it can be an excellent way to have fun and pass the time. That way, you can enjoy interesting gameplay, with challenges that gradually increase, and it's pretty simple overall.

In addition, the application does not consume much battery, and the graphics are well developed. It does not have a very high battery consumption, being well optimized for different types of device. Hence, you can download and play Hodler Defense even on the lowest performing mobile phones.

Are there any downsides to the game?

The main disadvantage is the issue of money, which you cannot receive as the proposal claims. Thus, it ends up not delivering what it promises, which may not please some users. In addition, the controls have some occasional bugs in the targeting, which can be a bit of a drag on the experience.

So what's our take on the game?

Hodler Defense game is a good choice for anyone looking for a fun hobby. The app is interesting, has a cool proposal and offers a challenge that holds your attention. However, if you download thinking about making money, it is not a good alternative. In this way, this is an app for those who enjoy these strategy games.

In addition, it is simple and very easy to start playing, without many operation failures. Therefore, it is worth downloading Hodler Defense and enjoying some gameplay. That way, you can manage to spend hours having fun, while racking your brains to get through each level.

Also, if you like this type of game, here is the perfect place to find more options and download them to your device. So be sure to check out other strategy games in our content. Here at Uoldown you can find perfect apps for different types of needs!

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