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GTA San Andreas

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CJ is back! Prepare your weapons to regain respect

A week after its launch on iOS, one of the most famous games in the GTA series finally arrives on Android to relive the good memories of all players who simply lost count of the hours of fun they spent with GTA: San Andreas in the past.

Out of respect for its great legacy, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has not received any significant modifications that alter the mechanics, missions and adult style full of weapons, drugs, corrupt policemen and other themes for those over 18.

Like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, this version features a fully retrofitted control scheme that uses fixed buttons on the ends of the display to control the CJ, whether on foot, in a car or on an aircraft.

Smooth control
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Image 1 of software

Running, the character is easily guided with the help of an analogue D-pad that allows you to easily filter the direction and intensity of the steps, which is vital during shootings and the most complicated phases. In turn, in a car, the controller is replaced by two fixed arrows.

The buttons on the right have self-explanatory icons that make it possible to run, hit, shoot and interact with vehicles in a natural way. The information at the top of the interface shows the map, the time, the weapon selected and the life of the illustrious protagonist with the same layout as the original game.

During exchanges and fights in general, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas uses mechanics similar to that seen in the console version, since it is possible to fix a target on enemies, preventing you from having to aim manually.

Rockstar Social Club Members
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Image 2 of the software

An interesting feature implemented by RockStart is Rockstar Social Club Members, which offers, through a quick registration, the possibility to synchronize the game's progress in various gadgets.

This way, you can immerse yourself in the story more seriously on your tablet, while perhaps your smartphone is more convenient for playing uncompromisingly while you wait in line outside the home.