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Garena Free Fire MAX

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Now you can play Free Fire with the best graphics on a top-of-the-line Android device

Learn more about Free Fire Max!

Free Fire Max is an updated version of the Free Fire mobile electronic game, following the same objective and style of its previous version, looking for equipment and fighting to be the only survivor or time of this battle. Every um in case there is a lot of skill and skill for everyone! E ai, are you afim ficardo inside the Free Fire Max news? Join this blog and know everything about the new version.

Get to know the game better!

This battle royale was developed by the company 111 dots Studios and published by the provider Garena in 2017. The game gained a lot of fame, success and thousands of followers around the world, due to the good work of the company and mainly for the quality of the game.

The game is considered one of the best mobile electronic games, and thus had an explosion of success in the year 2018. This year there were more than 7.5 million downloads of the application from the Android platform alone. All this success earned the game in the same year 2018 the title of best game in popular vote by the Google Play Store.

Just like its previous version, in Free Fire Max you'll live practically the same adventures and the same plot, soldiers being parachuted onto an island. In this new version, you will continue to have the same goals, find weapons and supplies, draw strategies to be the only survivor or team of this war. Thus, it will be necessary for the player to have a lot of skill in the game and a lot of luck as well.

The new Free Fire Max comes with a supercharged resolution and graphics, giving greater gameplay to all the actions that take place in battles. Its new version was also developed for devices that work on Android and iOS systems, but requiring greater data storage capacity to run the game.

Stay on top of the app!

Ideal for beginners, check out the Free Fire Max and Free Fire YouTube channels. You'll have at your disposal tutorials on how to play, ensure some gameplay tips, and many details that Free Fire fans have posted on social networks. In addition, you are already making your evaluations about the game and clearing all your gameplay questions.

In both versions of the game, you will have to access the Google Play Store platform to download the mobile app on your computer, mobile or tablet. The same happens for devices that work with the iOS system, accessing the official App Store page.

By explaining the game in a very objective way, you or your team will have to fight to reach the objective of the game, to be the only team or survivors of this war. For this, you will be parachuted onto a battlefield, with weapons and supplies on your way to strengthen yourself. With that, you'll have to be precise, draw your combat strategies and always seek to improve your skills to have a perfect gameplay.

The battle royale has more than 30 characters with characteristic abilities, besides, we find famous characters like DJ Alok and Cristiano Ronaldo, baptized as Chronus. So far it has not been released whether the updated version Free Fire Max has new characters, but we know that the game always releases new characters as a way to give the platform a boost and encourage more players.

It is very important to note that Free Fire Max is not yet available on Android and iOS platforms here in Brazil. The APK is gradually being made available by the developer Garena for countries, and the next on the list is Saudi Arabia.

One of the reasons is that for the game to achieve the same success as its previous version with mobile and tablet users, it would need a specific number of much more modern Android and iOS devices. And this must be very close, as the brand new version of the game is already available on the Google Play Store and iOS Store platforms to pre-register for downloading.


The new version of continues with the same way of playing, but with much better graphics to play. Directional to control the character's movements on the left, action buttons shoot, reload, jump, duck and lay down on the right.

Also following the old version is the pop-up interaction button, used for vehicles, pick up weapons and more functions. This also happens with your character's inventory button that appears on the screen in the upper right corner.

Application considerations?

The Free Fire Max mobile gaming app promises to achieve greater success than its current version. The new version of the game arrives with its supercharged graphics, providing greater perception in all movements, thus improving gameplay a lot. The game continues to present very good interfaces, with all the ingredients for those who like to enjoy a battle royale.

The updated game comes with a heavily loaded platform, so it's important to be aware of the memory and storage capacity, especially on your mobile device or tablet. The information is very important for you to enjoy the game and not crash your cell phone.

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