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Thais Martiniano
A complete social network to meet and connect with new people

Meet people around the world in video conferences

Videoconferencing applications to meet people are a fever around the world, due to the ease of interaction and connection. So, by downloading Facecast on Android you can find friends in many places. Keep reading the next topics to understand how it works.

What is Facecast?

Facecast apk is an online platform for videoconferencing between users in different countries around the world. Here in Brazil there are thousands of connected people waiting to chat in live video rooms.

How does Facecast work on Android?

After downloading Facecast apk on Android, you need to create an account to start accessing the contents. You can use your Gmail or phone number to login. So, on the home screen you will find some main functions:

  • home: shows the most popular lives with more users watching;
  • news feed: shows the profiles you follow, users who updated information, most popular and who is close to your location;
  • messages: your private messages with other users;
  • profile: shows your profile information, where you can edit the contents.

Then, just click on a profile to see user information and on the follow button to follow the lives. If you want to watch a public video, just click on the live icon and start participating in the chat.


  • good video display quality;
  • variety of options in functions;
  • possibility of sending gifts to users;
  • simple and intuitive interface.
  • lack of content control;
  • has operating bugs in the gifts.


  • lack of content control;
  • has operating bugs in the gifts.

我們的觀點 FaceCast

Facecast (or Buzzcast) is a videoconferencing platform to meet people in Brazil and around the world. It works through live streams, where you can show live what you are doing for other users to watch.

The platform's proposal is very good, with a simple and intuitive interface, where it is quick and easy to find different contents. However, the execution has some important flaws to mention.

For example, what bothers the most is the amount of inappropriate content within the platform, even selecting the option to block “hot chats” in the choice of preferences. Even with the staff banning the accounts, it is still one of the most prevalent content.

Another important point is the bugs on the platform, which block features such as gifts or invitations for friends to register. But in the rest of the way, downloading Facecast brings excellent interaction and content options.