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Thais Martiniano
O aplicativo que lhe permite compartilhar a sua criação musical

Create your own songs and let the talent flow

Are you a musician and struggling to find apps to record and edit your creations? Then see how to download Bandlab and use on Android. We have tested the application and left all the main information about it and an evaluation of its functioning.

What is the BandLab app for?

BandLab is an application for creating, editing and sharing authored music, samples, bases and other content. It also works as a social network for independent artists to publish their work and projects on the platform.

There are more than 50 million active users on the app, with various types of music creation for you to follow. Like, comment and share the content; collaborate with artists around the world using BandLab.

How to use BandLab on Android?

When downloading BandLab apk, you need to create a profile in the application to start accessing the contents. You can use the bottom bar to access the app's main information, according to the tabs:

  • home: top publications and feed to track popular content
  • suggestions: contents suggested by the platform, based on your preferences;
  • add new post: create content in the recording studio;
  • notifications: invitations received on the platform and private messages;
  • profile folder: where your saved, created and partnered content and projects are located.

In the recording studio there is a timeline for adding voice, sample, musical instruments and the looper. It is possible to apply autofix, which corrects the tone of the music, in addition to effects and equalization.

Download BandLab apk

To download Bandlab apk on Android, access the installer link right here, on the Uoldown page. However, you must have at least 60 MB free to have the app, in addition to operating system version 6.0 or higher.


  • intuitive and simple interface;
  • variety of options for creating songs;
  • integrated social network;
  • partnership options and other projects;
  • low storage space.
  • has bugs in the studio.


  • has bugs in the studio.

我們的觀點 BandLab

BandLab is one of the best music creation and editing apps for Android. It has all sorts of useful tools for producing tracks, as well as great social interaction with other artists.

The application has a very simple and friendly interface, with a layout that is easy to use for the user. In addition, it has a wide variety of features (but we miss more options for real instruments, without synthesization).

During testing, we identified a bug in the music tempo adjustment. The timeline appears “fixed”, which prevents it from keeping the pace 100% aligned. However, developers often update the app to fix problems, which should happen soon.

Also, if you want to know another type of application for editing music, check out other options here on Uoldown. We have a complete catalog of tools for independent artists and songwriters to shine online.