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Aladdin Prince Adventures

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Thais Martiniano

Do you know how to play Aladdin Prince Adventures? Find out here

One of the greatest Disney classics can now be on your mobile, by downloading Aladdin Prince Adventures. In this way, you can download Aladdin Prince Adventures on Android and enjoy gameplay with this application. So, if you want to know a little more about him, just follow this post until the end!

What is Aladdin Prince Adventures?

This is a D2 adventure game where you control Prince Aladdin through the scenarios. Thus, you will have to face a lot of challenges and enemies in each level. So the main objective is to get to the boss, defeat the boss and save the city and the princess. However, until then it takes a lot of agility and skill with the controls.

How to play this app?

The game Aladdin Prince Adventures is very basic, and does not require a very complex control. So, you will use the d-pad to move, crouch or climb. Also, the jump or attack button to pass obstacles and kill enemies. Then, you will have to go through the scenarios (which are sometimes mazes).

Also, it is possible to upgrade your hero while playing Aladdin Prince Adventures. That way, he can have more strength, health bar or other attributes to make the game easier. So, be sure to collect the coins, they are what help you get these upgrades.

See the advantages of downloading Aladdin Prince Adventures

Playing Aladdin Prince Adventures is quite fun, and it has some interesting advantages in its dynamics. That's why we've separated the coolest ones for you to know and start enjoying your gameplay right now. Then check out the positive points of downloading this application on your cell phone:

  • High ease of play, with low complexity;
  • Intuitive controls;
  • Well-appointed scenarios;
  • Does not consume excess battery;
  • The game is light, below average for current app size;

In this way, the Aladdin Prince Adventures game is well optimized, and manages to run well on different types of devices. So, even if you have an older phone, it can still be a good choice.

Does the game have any downsides?

As negative points, the game mechanics are old, and it leaves a feeling of poorly made game. However, even with a more retro concept, the graphics end up being a flaw in this application. In addition, the controls are poorly optimized, especially the directional pad, which is very small even on phones with a larger screen.

So what's our review of the app?

If you like retro games and enjoy the feeling of nostalgia they convey, you will enjoy downloading Aladdin Prince Adventures. The game is very nice and simple, without many complicated stages or more elaborate structures. Thus, it is worth having this game on your Android to have a lot of fun.

In addition, if you want to find other similar titles, here in the catalog we have a large number of options. So, be sure to check out more retro-style games in Uoldown's content. So, take the opportunity to see more sections and find the perfect apps to have a lot of fun.

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