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Sonic Forces

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Os personagens de Sonic batalham online

Get first in Sonic racing game

The most famous hedgehog in the world in a new adventure to run for the first place. By downloading Sonic Forces for Android you have a game full of features and challenges. Check out our review on this content and how to download it right now.

What is Sonic Forces?

Sonic Forces Android app is a rush-style competitive multiplayer racing game. The goal is to beat the stages first to earn resources and rewards to progress through the game.

The fastest hedgehog in the world and his friends in thrilling races. Get first place and win chests with various types of prizes. Also, collect rings to activate character upgrades.

How to play Sonic Forces on Android?

Sonic Forces apk gameplay is super simple: tap the screen and move your finger to the sides when it's time to dodge obstacles and grab resources. Swipe up or down and jump or slide over the stage. Here are some of the main functions of the game and what they are for:

  • missions: complete objectives to earn better rewards
  • race: go to races and come first;
  • chests: chests take a few hours to open, don't forget to unlock the opening
  • improvements: you can evolve your characters with the cards and rings you collect.

How to download Sonic Forces apk on Android?

To download Sonic Forces apk on Android you need to have at least 150 MB of free initial space. Then, just click the download button here at the top of the page to load the installer. In a few moments you can start enjoying the races.


  • impeccable graphics;
  • variety of challenges;
  • easy and simple controls;
  • platform in Portuguese.
  • slightly polluted interface;
  • has ads between races.


  • slightly polluted interface;
  • has ads between races.

我們的觀點 Sonic Forces

By downloading Sonic Forces for Android you will find an incredible 3D platform in an online multiplayer racing game. The game is super complete, one of the best apps that SEGA has made available for the mobile version.

For starters, the graphics are a show on their own, with very well-built scenarios and smooth frames that work well for the type of game. In addition, the challenges and obstacles in the environment put the player in a state of tension all the time.

The game has ads during the game, which can be a bit annoying (since it's not possible to play without an internet connection). But they are pretty short and take up less time than races and customizations.

That's why it's definitely worth downloading Sonic Forces apk for Android: a complete, fun and interactive app to test your skills. Download it right now and check out all the optimized gameplay of the app.