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Control the warrior worms and fight enemies

Use all your intelligence to create strategies and win battles by downloading Annelids apk for Android. Find out how the game works and what are the best positives of having this app on your list of favorite games.

What is Annelids game?

Annelids is a 2D shooting game for Android that offers you to play solo or to play with friends. It's a game with stylized graphics, more or less like Worms on the PC. You will control an earthworm in electrifying battles with weapons.

The main objective of the game may vary depending on the game modes you choose. Still, there are several customization options and weapons to boost your character and send enemies flying.

How to play Annelids on Android?

To play Annelids on Android you can use the directional pad to control the worm through the scenery. On the left side of the screen, you'll find the hook and fire buttons, to finish off any enemy that crosses your path.

In addition, it has 4 main game modes, where you can enjoy it on and offline, as you prefer. Check out a little more about each of them and how to manage the matches in this shooting game for Android.


In Annelids' mission mode, you can play offline and complete 30+ tasks to get rewards. Thus, you can customize your worm, taking advantage of games with progressive difficulty.

    daily challenge

This modality of challenges is open every day for players to complete. There are several missions, a different one every 24 hours. Overall, the intention is to face the game's AI (easy, medium and hard) to earn special rewards


In Annelids' multiplayer mode, you can enjoy custom rooms with up to 6 real players. Thus, you enter combats with different missions to complete: 10 kills per player, last to survive and much more.

    custom game

Finally, it is also possible to customize the game to train the controls or the gameplay of the stages. You can choose the missions you want to complete and become an ace in Annelids for Android.


  • easy gameplay;
  • well-optimized controls;
  • variety of game modes;
  • simplicity in games;
  • takes up little memory space.


  • ads in bulk;
  • has some operating bugs.

我們的觀點 Annelids

Annelids is an action game that mixes shooting, adventure and combat in an online and offline 2D platform. You can customize various settings and spice up the way you play your games to have a lot of fun.

The game is very good because of the simplicity, both in terms of recruitment, gameplay and structure (it still has 10 MB of storage). It is super basic but with a very good variety of game modes, including against real people.

Even though it has constant updates to fix, it still has some important bugs, especially in multiplayer. Also, ads can slightly disrupt visibility and performance in matches, appearing in large numbers.

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